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Spieler von Minecraft erhalten Bitcoin-Belohnungen auf Satlantis: Die Verbindung von Kryptowährung und Videospielen durch Zebedee und den Minecraft-Hosting-Server

Satlantis, a special Minecraft hosting server in Bitcoin style, has teamed up with Bitcoin refund start-up Zebedee to distribute Satoshis as rewards to players. This collaboration aims to connect the world of cryptocurrencies with video games.

Although they sell more than 1 Satoshi to winning players every week, their earnings may not increase significantly. However, it is a cool reward for participating in one of the most popular computer games in the world. This Bitcoin campaign targets the most experienced players and offers a real twist to the gameplay.

Players are motivated by gameplay aspects such as Bitcoin exploration equipment and mining pool collectives, along with the joy of increasing their exploration „hash rate“ to receive Bitcoin rewards in this game. It may not offer substantial advantages, but this new trend combines the flourishing world of cryptocurrencies with fantastic gaming experiences.

In addition to Minecraft, Zebedee’s advanced video game technology has been implemented in many mobile games, including top-tier games like Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Their innovation has also enabled Bitcoin gambling, rewarding players with Bitcoin incentives in 2021.

However, the partnership between the gaming world and cryptocurrency has faced some disruptions. Minecraft’s NFT restriction has led to some servers and campaigns having to modify their devices or features. For example, NFT Worlds, which marketed NFT-based real estate segments for a specific Minecraft hosting server, became an independent company.

Despite the potential cryptocurrency restriction, Satlantis continues its Bitcoin campaign. Whether they will continue unaffected in the face of a greater restriction remains unclear, as Zebedee agents have not discussed any direct impacts.

The gaming industry and cryptocurrency could bring about unforeseen developments depending on Minecraft’s future regulations, but it is clear that the intersection of these two worlds is constantly evolving and creating an equally fascinating and captivating realm.

Disclaimer: This article is purely for educational purposes. It does not constitute legal, tax, income, wealth, financial, or any other form of advice, nor is it intended to be used as such.

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