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FOMC-Sitzung deutet auf Unsicherheit bei zukünftigen Zinserhöhungen und leichte Rezession hin

Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Outlook and Projected Interest Rate Hikes

The Federal Reserve (Fed) carefully considers various factors, such as the impact of monetary policy on economic activity and inflation, when determining whether to lower interest rates. As part of its efforts to stimulate the economy, the Fed plans to offer corporate debt, Treasury securities, and corporate mortgage-backed securities, according to the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).

The CME Fed View Tool currently predicts a 91.1% chance of a quarter-point rate hike in July, about 21 days before the next meeting. This probability has been steadily increasing, especially in the past week. This suggests a target rate increase to 5.25%-5.50% at the upcoming meeting. As a result, the price of Bitcoin, which has been performing well recently, may be affected.

The FOMC Meeting and the Fed’s Uncertainty

The FOMC Meeting revealed some uncertainty regarding future rate hikes and the possibility of a mild recession. The Fed’s modified Summary of Economic Projections indicates an important insight. The average projection of FOMC participants expects the federal funds rate to reach 5.6% by the end of this year, a significant increase from the 5.1% predicted in March. This implies the likelihood of two additional quarter-point rate hikes in the remaining four sessions of 2023.

The participants in the Federal Reserve meeting acknowledged that the economic outlook and inflation levels are uncertain. While they anticipate a mild and temporary economic slowdown, Fed staff still forecasts a downturn in the United States later this year. However, Fed Chair Jerome Powell remains confident in achieving a „soft landing.“ He envisions a scenario where inflation decreases without causing a severe economic downturn.

In conclusion, the Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy Outlook and Projected Interest Rate Hikes are crucial indicators of the current economic situation. With the CME Fed View Tool predicting a high chance of a rate hike in July and the FOMC participants expecting further rate increases, it is important for investors and market participants to closely monitor these developments. The uncertainty surrounding the economic outlook highlights the need for caution and proactive decision-making in the financial markets.

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