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CRVUSD, der neue Player unter den Stablecoins, gewinnt an Zugkraft, während der Markt von Unsicherheiten geplagt ist

Curve DAO’s native stablecoin, CRVUSD, has been experiencing significant growth at the beginning of the month, gaining traction among users. According to Curve DAO’s official Twitter page, the stablecoin has reached a supply and debt level of over $50 million, just two months after its launch.

CRVUSD now joins the growing number of stablecoins available in the industry. However, last month, the stablecoin market experienced a major hiccup. Tether’s USDT depegged, causing serious concerns about another collapse on the horizon. Some sources attribute this mainly to an imbalance within Curve DAOs, specifically Curve 3Pool. This minor imbalance led to a 70% increase in the USDT balance, indicating a significant sell-off.

In an interview with Paolo Ardoino, the CTO of Tether, he emphasized Tether’s role as a „gateway to liquidity“ and expressed confidence in USDT, stating that „these events are a good test for us.“

In contrast, there are practically no fears, uncertainties, or doubts regarding CRVUSD. Thanks to the innovative use of LLAMMA, an exclusive algorithm specifically developed for CRVUSD, the risk of CRVUSD Ethereum is reduced while still achieving an upward trend when the ETH price rises.

LLAMMA utilizes a concept known as gentle liquidation. The user must initially deposit sfrxETH as collateral to borrow CRVUSD with an overcollateralization ratio of 117%. Then, LLAMMA rebalances the relationship between the two assets using their price fluctuations. The collateral is then distributed across a range, essentially a price range on which the collateral is distributed. This reduces the risk of CRVUSD Ethereum while still generating an upward trend when the ETH price rises.

According to recent sources, sfrxETH from Frax Finance is currently the only supported collateral in the system, with plans to integrate additional assets in the future.

Bulls are currently leading, and the CRV price has seen a significant increase in recent days. At the time of writing, the CRV price was $0.799, representing an almost 5% increase in the past 24 hours. The token has had an impressive rally of 17.3% in the last seven days. Currently, CRV is facing resistance at the $0.817 price level. Given the current momentum, we could witness a bullish breakthrough next week or even earlier. This will provide bulls with leverage for further price increases in the near future. However, if this level cannot be breached, CRV needs to stabilize above or below $0.712.

It remains to be seen how Curve DAO and CRVUSD will continue to evolve and whether the stablecoin can maintain its traction. The developments in the stablecoin industry are eagerly awaited and could have further impacts on the cryptocurrency market.

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