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BlackRock CEO spricht über die mögliche Demokratisierung von Krypto durch ETF-Antrag und Bitcoin-Regulierung

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has recently spoken about the company’s ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund) application and Bitcoin during a national US television interview. Analyst Dylan LeClair shared a clip from the interview with FOX, in which Fink discussed the current cryptocurrency regulatory environment in the United States.

Fink believes that their ETF application could be an opportunity for the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and other regulatory bodies to see a chance for „democratizing crypto“. Many pro-crypto companies claim that the Commission has enforced measures and regulations on the emerging industry, rather than allowing it room to grow and develop.

According to the company’s CEO, the BlackRock Bitcoin ETF application could bring „hope“ for crypto investors and US regulations. Fink, however, seemed more interested in Bitcoin and its long-term potential rather than gold. He claimed that cryptocurrencies have managed to „digitize“ gold, but believes that the precious metal is less effective at protecting the average citizen’s wealth from inflation and other economic problems.

Fink further explained that he is convinced that the world of cryptocurrencies has digitalized gold in many ways. Whether one wishes to invest in gold as a hedge against inflation, a safeguard against a country’s honorable promises, or against the devaluation of currency, it is important to clarify in which country one finds themselves. Bitcoin, in contrast, is an international asset not tied to any specific currency, making it a viable alternative asset for individuals to consider.

Therefore, according to the CEO, the BlackRock ETF could be a way for people to protect their wealth. The crypto community has responded positively to Fink’s statements, but LeClair argues that Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt more than just the holding market.

In relation to Bitcoin, its price has recently been moving sideways following a surge on the daily chart. The chart shows Bitcoin trading at $30,500 with sideways movement during today’s trading session.

In summary, Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, believes that their Bitcoin ETF application could provide hope for crypto investors and US regulations. He argues that cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have digitized gold and can offer individuals an alternative asset to protect their wealth against inflation and other economic issues. The crypto community has responded positively to Fink’s remarks, although some analysts suggest that Bitcoin has the potential to disrupt more than just the holding market.

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