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Bitcoin NVT Golden Cross erreicht überbewertete Zone: Steht ein Rückgang bevor?

Bitcoin NVT Golden Cross Indicator Suggests Potential Decline

The Bitcoin NVT Golden Cross indicator, which measures the ratio between Bitcoin’s market capitalization and its transaction volume, has recently reached the overvalued zone. This suggests that a decline could be on the horizon. The analyst pointed out that the NVT Golden Cross, which compares the long-term moving average of NVT with the short-term, has been rising in recent weeks as the recent BTC rally has taken place.

In the past, this indicator has shown that Bitcoin has experienced a downturn when it reached a value of 2.2, while the cryptocurrency reached its nadir when the value was below -1.6. Although Bitcoin’s recent decline has been relatively small, the indicator still has a relatively high value, indicating that further decline may be ahead.

It remains to be seen whether the indicator will continue to rise in the coming days and enter the overvalued territory, which could indicate a top formation, or if there will be another decline.

At the time of writing this article, Bitcoin was trading around $30,200, representing a 1% decline over the past week. The Bitcoin price has been relatively stagnant in recent days and has not shown a clear direction.

It remains to be seen how the Bitcoin price will develop in the next few days and whether the NVT Golden Cross will continue to reach the overvalued zone. This development could be of great importance for Bitcoin investors and could influence the direction of the market.

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